A. General is operated by GSR Technology N.V. registered under No. 155130 at, Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N Landhuis Joonchi II, Curaçao. This website is licensed and regulated by Curaçao eGaming (Curaçao license No. 1668 JAZ issued by Curaçao eGaming). In order to register for this website, the user is required to accept the General Terms and Conditions. In the event the General Terms and Conditions are updated, existing users may choose to discontinue using the products and services before the said update shall become effective, which is a minimum of two weeks after it has been announced.


Refund Policy


Refund requests for funds wagered must be raised within 5 business days.

The refund will be processed within 24 hours.



A.2 Our website is considered Betwild365 large, as a member or as you.

• General Terms and Conditions on this page,

• Game rules,

• Privacy policy.

• Website tools and rules regarding promotions, bonuses and special offers that may be updated from time to time.


For A.3 it is referred to as "all rules and conditions". These games that allow you to participate in Crazy time/Monopoly/Football Studio/Hot-Bo/Mega Ball/Zeppline/Roketon

games are only games made with bonuses. In Illumination Roulette, 24 too many numbers cannot be guessed and adjusted.


A.4 Please read an article without accepting it. Do not do anything in our rules, please do not continue to teach a member student on the web. Continuing to continue

 to our website makes an acceptable sense.


A.5 In order to select members for our website, it is necessary to be under the age of '18'.


A.7 This agreement constitutes the "Terms and Conditions" of the contract between Betwild365 and any player that registers with the company. While each player

registers with the company, he accepts the ''Company General Legal Terms'' and is bound by them throughout the existence of the relationship. A.8 These

"Terms and Conditions - Rules" are categorized for reference and ease of understanding. A.9 Betwild365 reserves the right to change the articles of this

"General Company Specifications" at any time without prior notice. We indicate that we will try to notify our users in advance of any significant changes made to the

"General Company Specifications", however we state that it is the player's responsibility to regularly check the "Company Specifications" for any changes.

If the member does not want to continue using Betwild365 services due to possible changes, he reserves the right to close his account and withdraw

the usable amount from the account balance without penalty by sending an e-mail to [email protected] customer service.

A.10 “General Terms and Conditions” includes Sports Betting, Casino and Poker Special Terms and Conditions. A.11 Your private life will be respected in line

with the privacy policy of Betwild365.

• Betwild365 respects customer privacy in line with company privacy policy. We would like to point out that your personal information may be shared with

third parties or institutions in accordance with the following conditions:

• Necessary for the execution of your requests;

• It is a legal obligation or duty of the company;

• Information is exchanged with other companies and organizations in order to prevent fraud, reduce credit risk and verify information. Your personal information

may be shared with credit control agencies for the purpose of controlling your information.


A.12 The contractual relationship between Betwild365 and registered players and the "Terms and Conditions" of this contract are controlled by the Curaçao legal authorities.


A.13 This document has been published in multiple languages ​​for the convenience of players and for information purposes. Although the version in all languages ​​

reflects the same principles, only the English version is considered legal in the relationship between Betwild365 and you. In the event of any conflict between the

English and translated versions of this document, the English version will prevail. Bonus conditions and scheme may differ according to language and market.


A.14 Betwild365 cannot be held responsible for situations where access to its services is completely or partially hindered,

resulting from significant events such as any strikes of telecommunication networks, terrorist activities, political crisis, war, natural disaster and saturation.


B. Account Rules


B.1 Any player applying for an Account must be personally registered and be of legal majority (18 years of age or the legal age of majority in the relevant country).

The account of a minor account holder will be closed indefinitely from the point of discovery, and all funds deposited into his account will be directed to the

"Curaçao Gaming Supervisory Authority" in accordance with the remote gaming regulations.


B.2 Registered players agree to abide by the "General Terms and Conditions" at all times and do not act in the interests of any third party. They do not obtain money illegally.

They do not transfer. They do not try to take over the website or change its code. They do not exhibit any criminal behavior against Betwild365 affiliates and players.

Betwild365 does not try to mislead by deliberately giving false information; This is but is not limited to false account details, false and unfounded documents,

false statements and concealment of one's true location.


B.3 Betwild365 reserves the right to close accounts and confiscate existing funds in cases where members do not comply with one or more of the rules set out in B.1 and B.2.


B.4 Members should know that they will be solely responsible for any legal disadvantages that may arise for them as a result of opening an account at

Betwild365 and receiving services.


B.5 Members must provide correct information during registration. Members also agree to update their information in case of any changes.


B.6 Betwild365 does not accept any responsibility towards third parties caused by any member providing false data.

B.7 Opening multiple accounts (multiple accounts) on Betwild365 is prohibited. Home - computer (IP)

 Only one account per account is allowed. Same home - computer (IP)

 If it is proven that more than one account has been opened per account, Betwild365 reserves the right to void the bet and bonus offers it has

 offered and returns the deposits deposited to the accounts to the users.


B.8 If Betwild365 detects that users have opened more than one account using deliberately misleading information,

Betwild365 has the right to confiscate all the money (including the investment amount) in the users' accounts, in cases where the account owner is intent on cheating.


B.9 All account transactions are made in the currency that users choose when registering. No interest is paid on the amount in the accounts of the members.


B.10 Members must not accept Betwild365 as a financial institution. This includes using Betwild365 as a brokerage house and using used or unused funds from any source

with or without malicious intent, as Betwild365 exchange office. If you are using your account for these purposes,

Betwild365 reserves the right to close the memberships and withdraw any available funds from the account.

B.11 Betwild365 will not tolerate malicious, offensive or obscene behavior towards any Betwild365 representative between support platforms (chat, e-mail, telephone, etc.).

 In the event of continued unacceptable behavior, the membership will be closed indefinitely. The reactivation of accounts closed due to this situation is left to the discretion of the top management of Betwild365 only.


B.12 The member is obliged to keep user information confidential at all times. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that user information is kept secure.

 If the account is accessed by third parties at any time, without permission, Betwild365 is not responsible for the situations that may occur.

Unauthorized access to the account; examples such as anti-virus programs, firewalls and responsible internet use. In case of any doubt about the security of user information,

 you should immediately change your membership details and contact Betwild365.


B.13 Betwild365 reserves the right to review and confirm the player ID. Where it deems necessary for security and other reasons,

Betwild365 requests that a document stating the residence address and age of the players be sent to them. As a documentation example;

Photo ID documents, bank receipts, references, final invoice and similar can be sent.

Betwild365 reserves the right to cancel account transactions in cases where the requested documents are not sent or differences are detected.

B.14 Citizens of the following countries cannot create memberships on Betwild365.

Australia, Belarus, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Netherlands, North Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

Betwild365 regularly checks the database and immediately closes the accounts of users registered from the countries listed above.

However, it is your responsibility to determine the legal status of online betting in your country of residence and act accordingly.

Betwild365 does not take any responsibility for any disadvantages of any kind that may occur to the player due to the prohibitions in force in the member's home country.


B.15 Member usernames must not be a trademark, company name or infringing or offensive to other players.


B.16 The transfer or sale of an account to another player is prohibited.


B.17 If, for twelve months, a player's account containing real money has been inactive, his account is considered inactive.


B.18 Betwild365 reserves the right to terminate the relationship between Betwild365 and its members at its sole discretion.

It will be ensured that these "Terms and Conditions" are not violated and any funds made in the subscription will be returned to the player.


B.19 Betwild365 prohibits cooperation between players.


B.20 Betwild365 takes measures to prohibit the use of robots and similar devices that disrupt the normal game order.

B.21 The use of "Virtual Private Network" (VPN) is strictly prohibited when you visit the Betwild365 website or use its products, unless approved by Betwild365.


C. Deposits, Transfers and Withdrawals


C.1 In all credit card and bank transfer transactions, the name and surname of the credit card or bank account holder and the membership information ​

​​​​registered on Betwild365 must be the same.

In cases of name disputes, the Betwild365 account will be blocked from use until the appropriate approval procedures are completed.

If these approval processes are not resolved, Betwild365 reserves the right to close the account indefinitely and to confiscate the balance in it.


C.2 The "Bonus" may be credited to your account as part of a promotion, loyalty or other marketing campaign.

 It is not possible to withdraw these bonuses directly from your account, they must be used in bets. Depending on the promotion,

these bonus funds can be converted into real money funds if the "Promotional Terms and Conditions" are met.

The bonus credit deposited into your account must be used within one month from the date of deposit, otherwise it will expire.


C.3 Balance transfer between member accounts is not possible.

C.4 The Member can log in to his account at any time and view bonus transactions, financial transactions and game activities.

In the event that the member notices any error, it is necessary to notify Betwild365 in writing, to correct the error and to ensure the continuation of site satisfaction.

A.5 At any time, a member may decide to withdraw all or part of the funds in his account. Depending on the amount withdrawn and the bank location,

a certain transaction fee may be applied by the banks.


C.6 The member must convert the deposited principal at least once. If the member wishes to withdraw the amount deposited for the bet but not used,

the withdrawal request will be rejected.


A.7 Betwild365 reserves the right to hold for a certain period of time for the following purposes:

• Verifying the player's player account

• Verification by the player while playing the game

• Carrying out security and other internal processes regarding the player's account

• Ensures that it complies with its approved rules for awarding prizes to players


A.8 All withdrawals will be directed to the source from which deposits were made.

​​​​​ Betwild365 reserves the right, at its discretion, to redirect users' withdrawal requests to the withdrawal methods listed in their user account or to make payments to the bank account registered in the account holder's name.

C.9 Betwild365 reserves the right to limit withdrawal limits to "140,000 TRY" per week, unless otherwise stated.


A.10 Your Credit - Debit Card information is not stored by Betwild365 and will always be transmitted in an encrypted manner for your safety.


A.11 Betwild365 reserves the right to change the limits of deposits by credit card.


A.12 When you make a withdrawal, the amount you request will remain available in your main account until the transaction is completed according to the withdrawal method.

​​​​​​ For this reason, do not use the amount you requested in order for your withdrawal request to be processed.



D. Anti Money Laundering


D.1 Betwild365 complies with the "Curaçao Anti-Money Laundering Conditions".


D.2 Betwild365 all account transactions are controlled within the framework of anti-money laundering rules.


D.3 If a member becomes aware of any suspicious activity about any of the website games, he/she must report this to Betwild365 immediately.


D.4 Suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities.


D.5 BetWild365 has the right to suspend accounts, close accounts and confiscate funds if deemed necessary by the "Anti Money Laundering Law" or the relevant legislation.